Two Exciting Novels

McPhail's Newest Travel Adventure: Prisoners Of War







His Exciting Debut Novel:  

The Millionaires Cruise: Sailing Toward Black Tuesday

Prisoners Of War

"Prisoners Of War" is an engaging sequel to "The Millionaires Cruise", continuing the love story between enigmatic South African Duff Malone, and effervescent American Christy Miller. 

Now married, they live in Hawaii as guests of old friend Werner Bergen. Their children, Malia and Theo, are strong-willed, and immersed in the complex cultures that make up Honolulu.

With the guidance of narrator Marcus de Villiers, readers share the struggles of startup airline Pan American World Airways, as their progress is stalled and shaped by events that lead to World War Two and beyond.

This is historic fiction, and an unusual anti-war novel that is told by unforgettable characters. "Prisoners Of War" will be available in 2018. 


The Millionaires Cruise: Sailing Toward Black Tuesday

 Unlike the famed Titanic, the 1929 crash that hit the SS Malolo wasn’t fatal, but it changed the lives of its millionaire passengers forever. Like the tip of an iceberg, the one-day market fluctuation on Black Tuesday set off the greatest depression in world history.

McPhail’s unique take on an actual cruise presents scoundrels and seducers, entertainers, idealists and other memorable characters, visiting picturesque ports of call where drugs, sex and violence come as no surprise.

Set in the Roaring Twenties, when stocks were soaring and jazz was hot. 325 millionaires set sail on September 22nd aboard the world's newest luxury liner, the SS Malolo, on a sixty-day cruise that they would never forget. In matter of weeks, on October 29, the stock market crashed and their world was changed forever.


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