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From the very first page, Millionaires Cruise is an exciting journey, with a compelling story line, believable characters, sprinkled with sufficient factual events and people to make it read almost as non-fiction. Author Don McPhail has the unique ability to tell a story that leaves you wanting more. John Marks

Great read, terrific story. Time period is pre and post stock market crash in the US.  Story moves along at good pace from South Africa (main character's origin) to the US, and on to the South Pacific with the millionaires, their spouses and assorted other interesting characters. Plenty of adventure, romance, travel and critical business issues of the times. Would make a great movIe. Well worth buying.    Steve Grosvald

Great book. I love the blend of history and character! Easy, interesting read. Daya Fisch

Well written thriller that leaves you on the edge of your seat . Hard to put down! Glad I took a chance on this new writer. Michael Price

Good read of historical fiction. Held my interest all the way thru. Would make a great movie!       Pamela Gough

This first novel is a very interesting read. McPhail combines an exceptional knowledge of the travel and hospitality business with extensive research into the events leading to the stock market crash of 1929. He has created characters who are complex and believable. Some are sympathetic; some I wouldn't want to know, but all share the determination to escape an unfortunate childhood and achieve some kind of success...success which is suddenly threatened by economic collapse. The author also gives us thoughtful tidbits of philosophy about capitalism and democracy. His descriptions of Hawai'i and the South Pacific before the advent of airlines and mega cruise ships are nostalgic and delicious. Thanks, Donald, for hours of enjoyment!    Anne Carr

Milllionaire's Cruise is a lush and wide-ranging historical novel reminiscent of Michener in his early days before he injected such a mass of factual details that the reader lost interest. Of course, the stock market is the main character and greed the culprit. It tells an important story on an international landscape. From the shores of San Francisco, to the beauty of Hawaii, to the denizens of Shanghai, to the bustle of Hong Kong, to the beach huts on Pago Pago, the reader gets a great travel venue along with a very fine and thought-provoking story.     Steve Lovette

Donald McPhail's story of 300 millionaires on a cruise would be a good read, but add the 1929 date and you have a great story, actually, lots of stories. Every rich person aboard had a different reaction to the terrible news telegraphed to the ship from the USA. They were helpless to do anything about it. I learned a lot about what was going on with the banks and stock market at that time. Wonderful book!              Amazon Customer

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